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Our PC series of chocolate moulds are thermoformed technology production. Their features are shining surface with features of anti-impact and well durable. This product performs very well during the temperature surroundings between minus 10 degrees of centigrade and 100 degrees of centigrade. The most important of our PC moulds is our choice of the mould raw materials. Our PC material, the super engineering resin is specially supplied by the fixed supplier, the international famed companies such as GE. (USA), or Bayer (Germany) etc with FDA license. The PC chocolate moulds can be divided into four kinds. They are varied chocolate mould, bar chocolate mould, double chocolate mould and hollow chocolate mould.

Our company possesses groups of senior experts in chocolate moulds on technology, designing and manufacturing. We execute the quality system of ISO9001:2000, which is seriously carried out along the whole processing. Our steel die manufacturing adopts the soft technology of CAD/CAM to cover the whole process from designing to finished product. In order to make fine and large product, we imported super volume plastic injecting machines worth millions of dollars. Nowadays we are cooperating with different world fame companies, sales agents to develop multi-kinds of cooperation. We try to offer our customer with the best quality and novel pattern chocolate moulds.

Our chocolate moulds collect all the best technology, ideas and patterns all over the world, which has developed thousands of kinds of moulds. It is so called Mould World. Offering the high quality technology consulting and efficient after-sales service is our company's principle. All requests are welcome to our net-supermarket of chocolate mould.

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Hand pouring chocolate mould (180 x 120 ~ 300 x 200 )
Machine depositing chocolate mould ( 275 x 135 ~ 1200 x 450 )
Double chocolate mould ( 180 x 120 ~ 300 x 210 )
Hollow chocolate mould ( 210 x 140 ~ 650 x 280 )

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